The Advantages of Narrow Lot Homes

9 December 2021

Attitudes towards narrow lot living have changed significantly in recent years. More people than ever are now embracing the benefits of building and living on a narrow lot. And the good news is that you don’t have to compromise on your home design or lifestyle. Narrow doesn’t mean small or cramped. In fact, quite the opposite!

As land in South East Queensland becomes more sought after and prices continue to rise, buyers are increasingly turning to narrow lots. With home builders now offering a fabulous selection of thoughtfully designed narrow lot homes, it’s no longer a compromise. In fact, narrow blocks have plenty of advantages over wide blocks. Here, we explore some of the benefits of building a narrow lot home.


Narrow lot homes often have a lower price point, as you’re not paying as much for the land. Quite simply, the smaller the block of land, the lower the cost. In many cases, people who choose a narrow lot use the money saved on the land to build a cleverly designed home that makes the most of the block – while first home buyers may choose an entry-level home design to keep costs down. However, this doesn’t mean compromising on quality or style. Check out Hallmark Homes’ exciting Luma range, designed to spark your imagination!

Innovative design

Narrow block house designs have certainly come a long way. Homebuilders now offer an extensive range of homes incorporating design features such as high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and indoor-outdoor living – providing a seamless connection to the garden. Fitting a family home with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and spacious living areas on a narrow lot may seem challenging, but experienced builders like Hallmark Homes are doing it in style!

Low Maintenance

Now more than ever, the focus is on minimalism. As narrow house designs are more compact, there’s less cleaning and maintenance. There’s also less garden to maintain, so you get your weekends back to do the things you enjoy. Less upkeep and lower maintenance also provide a ‘lock up and leave’ lifestyle – perfect for those who like to head to the coast for the weekend, as so many people in South East Queensland love to do!

Smart use of space

Savvy home builders are taking the restrictions of narrow lots and turning them into advantages by making use of space in innovative ways. The challenge with a narrow lot home is to make sure that the liveability of the design isn’t compromised. So how is this achieved? Open plan living is the key. It helps maximise space, provides a feeling of openness, with abundant natural light and a seamless connection to the outdoors. And because narrow blocks are generally longer, there is usually more than enough room for a kids’ play area, a fire pit, or even a plunge pool! Alternatively, you may choose to set back your new home from the street for extra privacy.

Environmentally friendly

Rather than having large lawns that require lots of water and energy to maintain, narrow lot homes tend to have courtyards and alfresco areas designed to maximise the amount of usable living space. As a result, narrow lot homes tend to be more environmentally friendly, as water usage and maintenance of outdoor areas are reduced considerably.

Hallmark helps you live large on a narrow block

Build a narrow lot home with Hallmark and you’ll never have to compromise on space, style, or features. Hallmark Homes’ range of affordable, yet luxurious narrow lot house designs suit blocks with a limited frontage of 10 metres to 12.5 metres. With extensive experience building on narrow lots across Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Ipswich, you can rest assured that you’ll get to live life large in your new home!

Check out our narrow lot house plans and take a virtual tour to see just how spacious they are. Then, when you’re ready to experience the design and build quality for yourself, come and explore our Display Centres at Park Ridge or Burpengary East or contact us to speak with a Hallmark Sales Consultant about your plans. With Hallmark, you’re sure to find a narrow lot home that ticks all your boxes!

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