Choosing the Right Home Design for a Narrow Block

20 July 2018

As land becomes more expensive and harder to find, a growing number of people are opting to build on narrow blocks. With many blocks starting from just 10 metres wide, it’s more important than ever to make the most of your land, and be clever when it comes to your home design.

There are many creative ways to make a narrow block home work for you and your family. Think carefully about how to use natural light to make your home bright and airy, and use space cleverly to get the most out of each and every square metre. And when it comes to choosing a builder, look for one who has lots of experience building on narrow blocks. Here are a few practical design tips that may help, if you’re considering building on a narrow block.

Let there be light

The more natural light you have in your home, the more spacious it will feel. Sometimes narrow lot homes can feel a little dark, especially if they’re positioned close to the fence line. So it’s important to incorporate enough windows in your home design to let in lots of natural light, especially on the north-facing side. If you’re worried about privacy, you can always install transparent window coverings after the house build, which will still allow light to flood in. To boost the feeling of spaciousness even more, choose a neutral or off-white colour palette to reflect the light.

Keep an open mind

Open plan design is key to a successful narrow block home build – especially in the main hub of your home. By keeping the kitchen, living and dining areas open and minimising the number of internal walls, more light will enter the house. To maximise this space even further, choose a house plan that opens onto an alfresco area. This will create the perfect place for entertaining family and friends, and make your home feel much larger than it actually is.

Aim for high ceilings

If your home has high ceilings, even small rooms will look and feel much larger due to the increased vertical space. Not only will high ceilings create an instant wow factor, but they also add a bright, airy feel to any room.

Waste not, want not

When it comes to narrow lot design, space is at a premium, so don’t waste it! Although an open floor plan helps keep hallways to a minimum, it’s hard to avoid them altogether. A clever way to optimise space is to position the main hallway against the outside wall of the house, so you can install windows along the length of it. Plant a lush garden outside against the boundary fence, and in no time at all, the fence will be hidden by greenery, bringing the outdoors in.

Create more room with less rooms

The more rooms you have in a narrow block home, the longer the house becomes or the smaller the rooms get. So if you don’t really need a formal lounge or media room, either leave it out or consider creating a multi-purpose room instead. And if you need more than three bedrooms, you may like to consider a double storey design.

Hallmark Homes have a narrow lot design for you

With over 35 years experience, Hallmark Homes offer a great selection of narrow lot home designs. With single storey and double storey plans, we’re sure to have a design to suit your block in South-East Queensland. Be inspired by visiting one of our display homes, or reach out to the Hallmark Homes team today to get started.

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