A Guide to Minimalist Design & Decor

16 February 2021

Popularised in the US in the 1960s, minimalist interior design is known for its simplicity, clean lines and monochromatic colour palette. This style exudes timeless sophistication, making your home interior feel tidy and spacious and conveying a stress-free, contemporary lifestyle.

As more people choose to clear the clutter and live a life of simplicity, the clean lines of minimalism continue to gain popularity in modern interior design. However, there’s an art to creating a minimalist home. So here are some guidelines to help you achieve this timeless style.

Minimalist styling musts

While every home is different, there are certain rules that every minimalist interior follows, including:

  • Less is more – this is they key to any minimalist interior. Spaces are kept simple and every piece is chosen for a reason. You need to think about the arrangement of your interiors and be willing to remove pieces until it feels just right.
  • Maximise light and space – a minimalist living area should provide a sanctuary for relaxing and entertaining. This means creating a calming environment with lots of natural light. If you have large windows, take advantage of the natural light by installing mirrors to reflect the light. Choose lamps and light fittings in simple silhouettes, and consider how their shape works with other elements in the room.
  • Create a focal point – this could be an architectural detail, a feature wall, a piece of furniture, a statement lamp or light fitting. The choice is yours.
  • Add a touch of texture – to avoid neutral interiors feeling cold, interior decoration consultants suggest adding some texture with soft furnishings. Subtle texturing helps add warmth and richness to a minimalist room. Experiment with a selection of textiles and fabrics in similar tones. Think luxurious curtains, knitted throws, leather upholstery and rich timber. To create a lush, organic feel, try some greenery.
  • Smart storage – minimalism means having less items on display, but it doesn’t mean giving up all your possessions. Creating clever storage options will allow your home to look open and clutter free. Clear bench tops and furniture with clean lines are a must. So make sure you allow for ample storage at the design stage to achieve this look.
  • Simple doesn’t mean impersonal – most successful minimalist homes reflect their owner’s taste and personality. Display items that are meaningful to you, whether it’s a gallery of photos or treasured items you’ve collected on your travels. But don’t overdo it!

Minimalist colour schemes

Colour plays a vital role in home interior design. A classic minimalist home always starts with a neutral base, creating a calm, fresh environment. This palette is easy to build on with similar colour tones and texture. A white base allows you to mix in natural tones of grey, tan and beige, without overwhelming the space. The aim is to create a clean, crisp colour palette that inspires a sense of balance, spaciousness and calm. Here are some popular minimalist colour schemes:

  • Monochromatic – use shades of one colour throughout your home. An all-white interior is popular because it creates an open, airy feel, but other warmer colours like green or beige, work well too.
  • Combination of mid-tones – to create a balanced, relaxed feel, use a selection of muted colours in calming, neutral tones, such as warm grey, moss green or dusty pink.
  • Neutrals with a pop of colour – combine neutrals such as white, cream, grey or black, with one colour such as orange or yellow. But remember, minimalism is all about restraint. So only choose one or two complementary features, and let the minimalist look do the rest.

Easy tips to simplify your space

If you’re thinking of creating a minimalist look for your home, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Look for inspiration – collect images of minimalist homes that inspire you. Take note of the textures, colour palettes and furniture to get started. Check out Pinterest and Instagram for looks you’ll love.
  • Use it or lose it – think about how you live. What do you use on a daily basis and what can be put away? If you can’t find a place for a particular item, ask yourself if you actually need it. Remove that stack of magazines on the floor, find a place for the pile of bills on the kitchen bench and remove the clutter on your coffee table. If you’ve hung things on the walls just because hooks were there, take them down and carefully curate your artwork.
  • Edit your furniture – furniture takes up a lot of space, so start editing the pieces in each room. Are there items gathering dust? Does your furniture suit the minimalist style and neutral colour palette? If not, you may have to purchase a few pieces to get started.
  • Take your time – decluttering an entire house is a massive job, so instead of overhauling every room in one go, start with one room and methodically work your way through your home at your own pace.

Hallmark can help you create this timeless look

The key to creating a minimalist look is choosing the right colour scheme, highlighting a few architectural features, and using storage, light, space and texture to bring your modern house interior to life.

Hallmark Homes have a huge range of flexible house designs that will ensure you’ll be able to create the home interior design you want, to suit the way you live. At Select by Hallmark, our expert consultants will personally guide you through all of your colour selections, ensuring that everything you choose works together seamlessly, both inside and out. They will also help you make smart choices when it comes to appliances, finishes, fixtures, cabinetry, plus much more.

If you’re thinking of building a new home in South-East Queensland, our friendly team is ready to help. Come and visit one of our display centres for yourself or check out our virtual tours and house plans from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions about our single storey, double storey, acreage, narrow lot home designshouse and land packages, or how you can take advantage of the government grants on offer, please contact us today.

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