Talk to one of our sales consultants about which house may suit your block of land, or to find out about our house and land packages.

Once you’ve decided which design best suits you, we will produce an obligation free Fixed-Price Quote for you at no cost, within approximately five working days.

If you’re happy with your Fixed Price Quote, pay your initial deposit of $2,000 and complete the Contract Preparation Agreement with your sales consultant.

Meet with your sales consultant to review all the documents and plans and sign the necessary paperwork. Payment of a further $3,000 is now required to submit the plans for Building Approval.

We make a time for your Tile and Colour Selection, where our experienced Colour Consultant guides you through the process.

We pay all insurances and levies, then lodge the Building Application and the Plumbing and Drainage Application for approval with an Independent Private Certifier.

Once your construction loan is finalised, we need notification from your financial institution. If you’re contributing some or all of the funds, we also need a copy of a current bank statement showing the funds available.

Construction will commence on or before the date specified in your Contract provided we receive all the necessary paperwork.

During construction, a Building Supervisor will be allocated to oversee all aspects of your new home build. You will be given your Supervisor’s mobile number, so you can communicate directly.

Once complete, we’ll make a time for you to inspect your new home with the Building Supervisor. When you’re satisfied with everything, we’ll make an appointment for the handover of your new home.