The Best Areas for Acreage Living Near Brisbane

3 April 2024

Moving to the country and living on an acreage-sized block with spectacular scenery, fresher air and a more relaxed lifestyle – not to mention less hustle and bustle and more peace and quiet – sounds inherently appealing to many who currently call the inner-city or suburbs home. There are many advantages to acreage living, but as homebuyers have different priorities when buying an acreage home than one in the suburbs​, the importance of a great location can’t be overlooked​. 

One of the most important questions to ask yourself when considering a tree-change that sees you transitioning to an acreage lifestyle is at what stage in life are you and what’s most important to you now and further down the track?. Building a home is a long-term commitment, so buing or building an acreage property in an area that provides access to what you need is something to consider In this article, we look at some of the top reasons to live on a big block and list our picks of the top acreage-friendly suburbs under an hour from Brisbane to call home.  

Advantages of acreage living​ – why live on a big block?

For homebuyers thinking of buying an acreage property or building on an acreage block, there are many advantages to moving to a semi-rural or acreage-friendly suburb, such as: 

  • Enjoying the enhanced space, privacy, air quality and peace and quiet that living on a big block away from the city provides
  • Getting closer to nature and developing a greater appreciation of sunrise and sunset, local wildlife and natural sounds
  • Having the opportunity to buy land at more affordable prices and the greater freedom to design and build a bigger home. 

While acreage living offers unique lifestyle benefits like these and many more, it isn’t for everyone – learn more about the pros and cons of living on a blog block in our article, ‘Is Acreage Living Right for You?’. Decided you’re ready to live the acreage life? Find out how to make the most of the additional space, views and orientation in our article, ‘How to Choose an Acreage Home Design’. 

Our pick – the best acreage suburbs under an hour from Brisbane

South East Queensland is blessed with spectacular scenery, wide open spaces, with generous block sizes in acreage-friendly pockets extending across suburbs north, south, east and west of Brisbane. Hallmark Homes has extensive experience building on acreage blocks and we have a stunning selection of acreage home designs to explore in our Eden acreage home designs range. Here’s our pick of the top acreage lifestyle suburbs located within an hour’s drive south from Brisbane.  

Hatton Vale

An increasingly popular acreage suburb just 8 km from Plainland with its shops, schools and facilities, Hatton Vale is home to the popular Fairways Estate – where you can visit our Kensington Grove Display Home, the Fairview 321 – which stretches across 830 acres of elevated Lockyer Valley grazing land. If you’re looking for an enviable acreage lifestyle with modern conveniences on your doorstep, Hatton Vale could be the perfect acreage suburb for you. 


Just 45 km from Brisbane City and 9 km from Logan with the additional bonus of being an hour from the Gold Coast, it’s easy to see why Jimboomba ticks so many boxes for families looking to live their best acreage life. One of the most affordable acreage areas located a commutable distance from the city with access to everything you need on your doorstep, including shops, schools, sports fields and much more, Jimboomba boasts excellent infrastructure and is a great place for families to call home.

New Beith

Located 40 km from the Brisbane CBD, 16 km from Springfield Central and 25 km from Logan Central, living in New Beith enables you to enjoy the peace and quiet of country life with all the city conveniences your family needs a stone’s throw away. What’s more, calling New Beith home places you just over an hour’s drive from the beaches of the Gold Coast, providing yet another reason to consider this popular acreage suburb when looking for the perfect big block to build a home.


A leafy country community suburb situated between Jimboomba and Beaudesert and just 55 km south of Brisbane CBD with the beaches of the Gold Coast an hour’s drive away, Woodhill has so much to offer. Popular among families, Woodhill boasts a local primary school, shops and facilities, and is well serviced by public transport. On display at our Woodhill Display Home in Mahoney’s Pocket Estate is the Retreat 303 from our Eden Range, an ideal acreage home design for growing families or those wanting a tree-change.

Start your acreage home building journey today

Acreage living is a popular choice for people looking for more space and a laid-back lifestyle in South East Queensland. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavour, as many have discovered. When you’ve done your research and found the right area to call home, the next step is to find an experienced acreage home builder who can help you build a home that’s designed to suit your family’s lifestyle and makes the extra space, views and orientation an acreage home provides. 

Hallmark Homes is one of South East Queensland’s largest and most trusted home builders. We build homes every year for all kinds of customers, from young families who need room to grow to empty nesters wanting to downsize and those looking to live life on a big block with all the benefits that offers. If you have any questions about building on acreage and the acreage home designs in our Eden range, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced consultants.

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