The benefits of having high ceilings in your new home

20 September 2021

If you’re considering a new home build, you probably have your heart set on certain features – a gourmet kitchen, a large master suite with a luxurious ensuite, or perhaps you’re dreaming of spacious, family-friendly living areas. While all of these are highly sought-after features, there’s one that can really take your home to the next level – and that’s high ceilings. Homes with high ceilings offer so much more – space, natural light, aesthetic appeal, plus they can even boost your home’s value. So, what do you need to know about high ceilings before you build? In this blog, we discuss the pros and cons of high ceilings in your new home.

What’s the difference between ‘standard’ and ‘high’ ceilings in Australia?

So, just how high are high ceilings? The Building Code of Australia states that the ceiling height must be a minimum of 2,400mm for habitable rooms – that’s any space that’s used for domestic activities, such as bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Areas like garages, cupboards and pantries aren’t considered habitable spaces, so ceilings in these spaces can be lower. In a nutshell, anything higher than 2400mm is considered above standard in Australia, with the most popular heights being 2,550mm and 2,700mm.

What are the benefits of high ceilings?

Have you ever walked into a home and thought ‘wow’! Chances are it’s because the house has high ceilings. It can be one of the most important design elements in your new home. Here are the main benefits for you to consider.

Your home feels more spacious: High ceilings can instantly make your home feel more spacious and luxurious. In fact, the extra height even makes very small rooms feel bigger! Rooms with high ceilings also have the advantage of being able to accommodate beautiful feature lighting, such as a chandelier.

Abundant natural light: High ceilings fill a home with lots of light, giving it an open, grand look and feel. You can also maximise views by having larger windows as a feature, allowing you to frame a view or use window furnishings to add to the ambience of the room. High ceilings are most impressive in living areas, with plenty of natural light flooding the space with sunlight and fresh air.

Luxe look: High ceilings can turn a nice home into a stunner. There’s something very impressive about walking into a room with high ceilings. And they never go out of style!

Increased home value & easier resale: Thinking of selling your home in the future? High ceilings are a great selling feature, creating an instant wow factor during open house. Agents agree that homes with high ceilings are usually easier to sell and tend to attract top dollar from buyers.

Are there any drawbacks to consider?

While there’s no doubt that high ceilings are a desirable feature, there are a few things to be aware of.

Maintenance & cleaning: High ceilings are a bit more difficult to clean, paint and maintain. The higher your ceilings, the harder it may be to perform maintenance safely, so you might need a contractor to give you a hand with these jobs.

Heating & cooling: High ceilings may contribute to higher energy bills, as it’s harder to cool a larger space. That said, a ceiling fan can help circulate cool air during summer and warm air during winter. Because heat rises, rooms with high ceilings may also be harder to heat. However, you can install energy-efficient windows to reduce heat and intense sunlight during summer, as well as preventing heat from escaping during winter.

Extra noise: Homes with high ceilings tend to be a bit noisier, as sound travels easily through open spaces. You may also find that high ceilings make sounds echo, so it might be worth adding some soft furnishings such as carpet, rugs, curtains, throws and cushions to dull the noise.

Building costs: If you’re building a new home, you’ll usually have the option of choosing between standard ceiling height or paying a bit more for high ceilings. Most people agree that it’s money well spent though, with heigh ceilings taking your new home to the next level in so many ways.

Top tip: Keep an eye out for special offers and upgrades from home builders – you may just snag high ceilings for much less than they usually cost!

Should you go with high ceilings for your new home?

 High ceilings are certainly a lovely feature to have in your new home, especially in South East Queensland, where we love open plan living and natural light. However, if you don’t like open floor plans and prefer rooms that are separate from one another, then high ceilings may not be for you. But for most people, the pros really do outweigh the cons.

Let Hallmark take your home to new heights

At Hallmark Homes, we offer a standard ceiling height of 2,400mm, with the option of upgrading to high ceilings – either 2,550mm or 2,700mm. We highly recommend that you check out our display homes to experience different ceiling heights for yourself. This really isn’t something you can get a feel for by looking at a floor plan or photos online. Your Hallmark Homes’ consultant is happy to discuss the various options with you to ensure you make the right choice for you and your family.

Recognised as one of South East Queensland’s most trusted builders, Hallmark Homes truly understand the way we live here – and our unique range of contemporary home designs reflects this. So, if you’re thinking of building a new home in South East Queensland, our friendly team is ready to help. Come and visit one of our display centres for yourself or check out our virtual display home tours and home designs from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions, please contact us today.

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