10 Must-Have Interior Design Trends for 2024

22 November 2023

With 2024 just around the corner, we’re all wondering what’s in store for home interior trends – from hot new colour trends to the latest layouts. So here’s a sneak peek at ten of the top interior design trends for next year.

1. Expect the unexpected

When it comes to home décor ideas, you can forget all the rules in 2024! Surprising colour combinations and a mix of styles from different eras (think vintage and contemporary) will create an eclectic feel in homes next year. Say goodbye to minimalism. 2024 is all about curating your favourite pieces to tell a story, whether you source them from your travels, vintage shops, family heirlooms, or your favourite furniture store. Experiment with colours, textures and shapes, and mix your existing décor with some carefully chosen new pieces to create your very own aesthetic. And remember, there are no rules. If you like it, be brave, be bold and go for it!

2. Layered colours & darker hues

Using just one colour to decorate a room is so last year! In 2024, colour schemes that mix and match shades and tones are where it’s at. Expect softer and warmer colours, with bold colours being used as accents. All-white will no longer be the go-to look, as we embrace a warm, earthy palette of nature-inspired colours. Keep an eye out for trending olive green, mauve and terracotta.

3. A touch of texture

Sleek and simple finishes will always have a place in our homes, but in 2024, texture will take the lead. Interior design styles will embrace the use of rustic timbers, hand-woven textiles and glazed ceramics. Texture will also feature extensively on walls, ceilings and furniture, adding a touch of sophistication and warmth. Woven wallpapers, Venetian plaster and concrete effects are great materials to use, if you’d like to add more depth and dimension to your home interior.

4. Be creative with curves

The last few years have seen a departure from straight lines, and a trend towards curves throughout our homes. 2024 will see a continuation of this theme, with a greater use of archways and curved walls. After the pandemic, we’re all looking for more comfort and softness in our homes, and curves provide this in spades. If you can’t bring curves into the design of your home, you can still embrace the trend by installing curved furniture and décor pieces, such as arched mirrors.

5. You do you

The rise of mass market interior decorating has led to a saturation of ‘safe’ colour palettes, repetitive finishes and predictable floor plans. In 2024, steer away from fitting out your entire home with brand new pieces. Instead, choose pieces that are meaningful to you, whether they be vintage, flea-market finds or family heirlooms. Look for interior design ideas that reflect your individuality. Consider choosing artisan pieces over mass-produced ones. Opt for more comfortable, lived-in furniture styles, rather than minimal looks. From fun and quirky artwork to surprising design choices, these elements add interest, character and a touch of whimsy to your home. The question to ask yourself in 2024 is – what makes you happy? And then make your space a reflection of your individual taste and lifestyle for a truly one-of-a-kind interior.

6. Sustainable choices

You’re probably aware of the decline in the popularity of fast fashion, in favour of more sustainable options. The same trend is also becoming more prevalent in the world of interior design. A collective consciousness around the environmental impact of our design choices will see a shift towards brands with environmental and social sustainability in mind. Quality furniture and cabinetry design will be a high priority in 2024. There will also be a shift away from impulse buying, and a renewed desire to slow things down and invest wisely in our homes.

7. Hotel luxury at home

Why go out, when you can stay home and experience a similar level of luxury? As we continue to spend more time at home, we’ll see lots of luxurious, hotel-style amenities such as integrated lighting, bold wallpapers and feature stone taking pride of place in our interiors. But a lean towards luxury doesn’t mean it has to be formal or impractical. Relaxed and casual luxury, especially when it comes to furniture, is becoming increasingly popular. Look for pieces that are both functional and fabulous, and you can’t go wrong!

8. Nature’s way

Natural materials have been on trend for some time, and we will continue to see them featured extensively in our home interiors next year. Stunning stone, marble and terracotta provide eye-catching textures and patterns that only nature can create.

9. Love your layout

Since its rise in popularity in the 1970s, the open-plan layout has dominated residential design. But in 2024, we will start to see a return to layouts of the past. While open plan living will still play an important role in our homes, we’ll see a trend towards layouts that cater to our specific needs, with homeowners opting for the inclusion of lifestyle-based spaces such as yoga studios, music rooms and work-from-home spaces.

10. Inside out

This is a home interior design trend that never gets old – especially with South East Queensland’s spectacular weather! Bringing the natural environment into your home and turning your patio or deck into a lush entertaining space is a trend that’s here to stay. Make your alfresco area a fabulous extension of your living room. Add pots filled with greenery, hanging succulents, lanterns and loads of cushions to make it really comfy. When it comes to colour choices, consider shades of green and earthy tones to complement the natural surrounds.

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