Spare Room Ideas – Maximise Your Space

9 July 2024

Imagine moving into a new home and having a spare room to do whatever you like with – could there be anything more luxurious? For many homebuyers moving into their new home, that’s actually the reality. Some people plan for the long-term, while others make use of the spare room for short-term purposes until their family grows. Turning the spare room into a guest room or media room are always options, but if you’re not hosting guests regularly that space would likely go underutilised.  

Dedicating a specific purpose for your spare room makes the most of your floor plan, but as ​many spare rooms quickly become a dumping ground for odds and ends​, be sure to tailor your space to your lifestyle while giving it some flexibility​. There are plenty of ways to maximise the versatility of your spare space. Here we explore some popular spare room ideas amongst those moving into a new-build home. 

Create a home office

Home offices have become an absolute must-have for many professionals post-COVID, for as anyone who’s worked at home with the kids on holidays will surely attest, having a quiet place to focus on work is a must! When planning the layout of your home office space with furniture and storage solutions, be sure to make the most of the natural lighting in the room to maximise the visual appeal and if possible, give yourself a view. What’s more, don’t forget that your home office can still be a versatile space and used for other purposes by, for example, incorporating study areas for children and relaxation areas for adults​.


What are the benefits?

  • Provides a personalised workspace that’s conducive for focus and productivity
  • Creates an appealing space that’s multipurpose
  • Offers a strong sense of versatility.

Bring a fitness and wellbeing space to life​

With the proliferation of 24-hour gyms and fitness studios, most of us have easy access to a workout space, but if you prefer to work out in more private and personalised surroundings, then turning your spare room into a fitness and wellbeing space could be perfect for you. The possibilities here include home gyms, yoga studios and meditation spaces​, with some, like home gyms that are equipment heavy being more expensive to set up and others, like yoga studios and meditation spaces, requiring less equipment and lower outlay. As exercise equipment can be dangerous for unattended children, keeping all equipment in a room where it can be locked provides peace of mind. What’s more, if you cast your workouts to a TV, this space could also double as a media room​, increasing the versatility of the space.


What are the benefits?

  • Creates a dedicated space suitable for a range of fitness and wellbeing activities
  • Keeps fitness equipment in one place (and away from young children)
  • Is a viable option in rooms of all sizes.

Design a dressing room / walk-in wardrobe​

Most new homes feature a walk-in wardrobe, but if your wardrobe is overflowing with outfits and you’re planning to add more, why not take it up a notch or two and create a full dressing room and walk-in wardrobe with your spare space? This may be a bit too much of a luxurious upgrade for some families, but among those with room to spare it can prove to be a rewarding use of space, plus even with shelving and storage, creating an amazing dressing room complete with lighting and furniture really does​n’t cost much to set up.


What are the benefits?

  • Creates a luxurious and personalised space for dressing and styling 
  • Provides dedicated storage and organisation solutions for clothes
  • Can be very cost-effective to set up.

Breathe life into a retreat and relaxation / guest room ​

While the most obvious thing to do with a spare room is turn it into a guest room, that doesn’t mean the space should sit idle when guests aren’t staying over. Treating the spare room as a retreat and relaxation room first and a guest room second, places the emphasis on making the space a haven for unwinding. This is essentially a room combining a sitting area with the option to accommodate guests​ and is a popular alternative. Be sure to invest in a quality sofa bed that’s easy to set, looks good when not in use and provides your guests with a great night’s sleep.

What are the benefits?

  • Adds a versatile space that can be used for a variety of activities
  • Provides guests with a comfortable place to stay
  • Increases the functionality of your home.

Learn more about creating an appealing guest room in our short article, ‘How to create the perfect guest room’ where we cover everything from choosing a quality mattress and bedding through to maximising storage, lighting and privacy. 

Assemble a rumpus and playroom ​

For families with young children, a dedicated space away from adults could be perfect​ and for those with teenagers, what could be better than a retreat that keeps them happy and out of trouble?​ Many of Hallmark Homes’ designs like the Cedar 255 include a dedicated kids activity room surrounded by the kids bedrooms, which is a popular feature among families. A dedicated rumpus and playroom is so much more than a space located away from the main living areas for kids to play, it’s a place for families to learn, create and play together. What’s more, it can also be used as a multipurpose area suitable for other activities when needed.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides a space away from the main living areas where kids can be kids
  • The space can grow alongside kids as their interests evolve
  • Creates a dedicated multi-purpose room.

At Hallmark Homes, we offer an amazing range of home designs to suit the individual needs of everyone looking to build a new home, from families with young children who’d love to turn their spare space into a playroom to downsizers looking for an easy-to-maintain home with the option to create a dedicated guest space for hosting family and friends. Explore our home designs range and discover the possibilities a spare room presents you with.   ​

As a trusted local home builder, Hallmark Homes has a strong presence across South East Queensland. We have display homes in many of the most popular areas to build a new home, including Burpengary East on the Brisbane northside and Kensington Grove, Redland Bay, Springfield Rise, Whiterock, Woodhill and Yarrabilba on the southside. We also have new display homes on the Sunshine Coast, like Aura at Bells Creek, and the Gold Coast – including our new SkyRidge display home at Worongary. If you have any questions about planning your display home visit, our range of home designs or the house and land packages we currently have available, please contact one of our experienced consultants

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