Top Trending Garden Landscaping Ideas for New Home Builds

25 November 2021

Building a new home provides a golden opportunity to create the garden of your dreams. With a blank canvas to work with, you are really only limited by your imagination – and your budget, of course. However, creating a beautiful garden doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Many Queenslanders have become more appreciative of their gardens during Covid. As a result, many of us are now spending a lot of time outdoors. More than ever, our gardens have become an extension of our homes – a new ‘outdoor room’ to relax in. But how do you decide which garden landscaping would be best for your new home build?

Growing Garden Trends

There’s no doubt that gardening is – pardon the pun – a growing trend. But how do you decide what style of garden to go with if you’re starting from scratch? Remember, your garden should complement your new home, and reflect your personal style and preferred colour palette. Here, we look at some of the most popular garden landscaping trends for new home builds.

Indoor-Outdoor Garden

This trend is all about creating flow from your inside space to your outdoor space – and it’s not a new one. Your garden should feel like an extension of your home, so your interior and exterior work together seamlessly. In South East Queensland, we’ve always embraced indoor-outdoor living. To achieve a cohesive look, choose plants such as ferns, palms, peace lilies and succulents, as well as outdoor furniture that complements your interior design. A barbecue shoved in the back corner of the yard no longer meets our expectations when it comes to entertaining. Outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens and fire pits with paved areas and seating are becoming highly sought-after additions to the contemporary garden space.

White Garden

Those who prefer a classic look should consider a white garden. Simple, fresh and beautiful amongst green foliage, it’s easy to see why gardens featuring white flowers are always a favourite. To embrace this trend, consider a dark backdrop, a variety of foliage shapes and sizes, and a selection of white flowering plants to complement the space.

Grey Garden

A grey garden is the perfect way to create a modern, minimalist outdoor aesthetic. From paving, paint and gravel to outdoor furniture, grey works very well amongst lush greenery. Include plants with silver foliage to help create the look, and, if you want to add a pop of colour, purple flowers and foliage complement a grey colour scheme beautifully.

Green Garden

In this case, we’re not referring to the colour of the foliage! This trend focuses on building materials that are environment-friendly, easy to maintain and sustainable, such as bamboo, pea gravel and other organic materials. There’s no doubt that green gardening will continue to increase in popularity, as we value sustainability more and more.

Structural Garden

This type of garden plays on the contrast between hard surfaces and soft foliage. A trend that continues to rise in popularity, this look pairs an abundance of large leaf plants like philodendrons and succulents, with architectural features such as concrete steps with a shadow line and clean, sharp edges. Once reserved for commercial gardens, lots of lush, green plants offset with hard surfaces like concrete, is a red-hot trend in new home builds right now.

Native Australian Garden

While our gardens have long been influenced by English and European trends, we’re now moving away from this, as more of us embrace the Australian native garden, which is much more suited to our subtropical climate. Combining natives with other low maintenance plants that don’t require a lot of water is great for the environment and a lot easier to care for. Consider varieties like Bird of Paradise, Sweet Jasmine and Acacia.

Wild Garden

It’s no surprise that time-poor homeowners are opting for less lawn and more garden. The wild garden features a natural aesthetic, with wildlife-friendly plants, flowers that attract bees and butterflies, native grasses and vines that climb fences and walls. It’s all about letting nature take its course.

Australian Meadow Garden

Popular for many years, the European meadow-style garden is a layering of trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials. It’s a great way to bring biodiversity to your garden, and Aussie landscapers are now putting their own twist on this style by using Australian natives such as eucalyptus, banksia and grevillea. Ask your local nursery to help you create this trending look.

Tiny Garden

With narrow and small lots becoming the norm rather than the exception for many South East Queensland home owners, tiny gardens continue to grow in popularity. Even the smallest outdoor space can be transformed into a lush oasis. Whether you have a narrow courtyard or small patch of grass, by utilising vertical space with green walls, choosing compact furniture and avoiding clutter, you can create a tranquil garden space to escape to, which actually looks a lot bigger than it is! Choose pot plants that won’t take over such as bromeliads, succulents, ferns, palms, herbs and native shrubs.

Raised Vegetable Garden

Covid has seen many people growing their own vegetables and herbs, so it’s no surprise that raised garden beds have increased in popularity. You can start a raised garden almost anywhere – on top of a concrete slab or in a corner of your garden. But make sure it gets plenty of sunlight. Herbs such as parsley, chives, basil, oregano, and rosemary are popular choices for raised garden beds. You can even buy convenient ready-to-build kits at your local hardware store.

Bring the outdoors in with Hallmark Homes

Building a new home is the perfect time to create your dream garden. Hallmark Homes have a fabulous range of home designs and house and land packages that embrace indoor-outdoor living, allowing you to enjoy your garden – no matter which style you choose!

Recognised as one of South East Queensland’s most trusted builders, Hallmark Homes truly understand the way we live here – and our unique range of contemporary home designs reflects this. So if you’re thinking of building a new home in South East Queensland, talk to a Hallmark Homes consultant today. You can even check out our virtual display home tours from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions, please contact us today.

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