Embracing NCC Changes for Safer, More Inclusive Homes in Queensland

16 October 2023

Are you in the process of making your dream home a reality in sunny Queensland? At Hallmark Homes, your trusted local builder, we’re dedicated to keeping you informed about the latest developments in the construction industry.

With the implementation of the new National Construction Code (NCC), we have updated our home designs to seamlessly align with the new requirements of acceptable housing standards in Queensland.

A key part of the NCC changes includes the updated Liveable Housing Design Standard, meaning that new homes must adhere to new design features that allow for accessibility, such as wider doorways and corridors, showers with step free entry, and toilet walls to enable future installation of handrails, plus more.

Here, we’ll explore some of these new NCC changes and how our home designs have evolved to offer greater functionality, accessibility, and liveability.

Health and Amenity

Safety has always been at the core of Hallmark Homes’ construction philosophy. The recent NCC updates further bolster our commitment to safeguarding you and your family. These enhancements encompass a range of safety and health measures such as, fortified fire safety protocols, and updated condensation and waterproofing requirements to mitigate the risk of mould in wet areas, which will safeguard occupants from illness or injury and protect the building from damage.

Increased Accessibility and Inclusivity

Inclusion is at the heart of our design philosophy, and the new NCC changes underscore the importance of accessibility in home design. Our team at Hallmark Homes recognizes the significance of creating spaces that are welcoming and functional for all, regardless of their physical ability. Our refreshed NCC-compliant home designs have been created with inclusivity as a top priority. These designs not only enhance accessibility but also cater to the changing needs of families seeking highly functional living spaces.

A Focus on Improved Energy Efficiency

A key feature of the NCC is its increased focus on sustainability. The updated code ushers in more enhanced energy efficiency requirements for new home builds, promoting the adoption of cutting-edge materials and designs that not only reduce a building’s carbon footprint but also offer more comfort and long-term energy bill savings for homeowners. At Hallmark Homes, we have already implemented these energy efficiency changes. Some of these changes include ceiling fans to all rooms in double storey homes, more efficient wall and roof insulation and upgraded glazing requirements to windows in double storey homes, plus more.

These elevated sustainability and energy efficiency standards reflect Queensland’s dedication to a more eco-conscious future. The adoption of this new code underscores the state’s commitment to greener, more efficient, and environmentally friendly residential construction, promising a brighter tomorrow.

We’ve revamped our home designs.

The Hallmark Homes team has remodelled our most popular home designs to ensure the most cost-effective way to deliver floorplans that are not only exquisitely designed but also adhere to the highest standards of safety, accessibility, and functionality. We have refreshed our home designs to ensure they comply with the NCC requirements, and we’re proud to provide industry leading floorplans with sustainable home inclusions and options.


These NCC changes reflect our shared commitment to building homes that cater to your unique needs, enhance your lifestyle, and provide enduring value. If you have any questions or want to explore our refreshed home designs in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our dedicated New Home Consultants.


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