Decorator tips for a dreamy bedroom

27 August 2018

Your bedroom is the ultimate personal space just made for relaxing, so it’s important to take the time to create your very own dream bedroom design. If you’re not sure where to start, look to others for inspiration. Grab a cuppa and a few decorator magazines and start to compile your very own ‘look book’. Or if you prefer, check out Pinterest and Instagram for bedroom ‘inspo’ galore!

Once you’ve got the creative juices flowing, the next step is to translate the look you love into reality. The easiest way to design a dreamy bedroom is to choose one key piece for inspiration, and build on that. Here, we take a look at some of the elements you can use to create your interpretation of bedroom beauty.

Key pieces to inspire

Three of the most popular pieces that people use for decorating inspiration are a piece of art, the bed itself, or a rug. Let’s see how to use each of these to inspire the bedroom bliss you’re looking for.

Style your bedroom around artwork

When it comes to designing a dreamy bedroom, a carefully chosen piece of art can inspire the style, feel and colour palette of the room. For example, a modern piece of art may lead you to choose more contemporary furniture. Or, you could opt for an artwork with muted hues, and draw on these for colour inspiration when you pick your bed linen and soft furnishings. And remember, artwork doesn’t always have to be a print or a painting. You can also use objects such as woven baskets and wall hangings, or sculptural elements and decorator pieces displayed on a shelf above the bed. The possibilities are endless!

Make your bed the hero

A bed featuring a statement bedhead can create a bold centrepiece for the room. Alternatively, you could let the bed linen be the focal point. There are so many fantastic options available now, at very affordable prices. For maximum visual impact, try mixing different styles and patterns that complement each another, rather than just relying on one matching ‘store-bought’ set. Use some of the colours in the bed linen as accent colours for cushions, throws and other accessories for a calm, cohesive look.

Create a flawless look from the ground up

Why not decorate your bedroom from the floor up with a beautiful rug? A rug can really set the tone for the whole room, depending on its colour, texture, size, pattern and material. The right rug can form the basis for a truly luxe feel, while soft furnishings and decorator accents in complementary tones tie the whole look together perfectly.

No matter where you draw your inspiration from, it’s important to make your bedroom a sanctuary where you can relax and unwind, away from the stresses of daily life.

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