Really smooth process

“This was our first home, and it was just so surprising how fast the building process actually went. Our Hallmark home was finished within a couple of weeks of returning from our honeymoon. With a lot of the other builders, they continually tried to push us 20 to 30 grand over our budget, but with Hallmark, they knew exactly what we wanted, and we actually came under budget, which was great! We found building with Hallmark was just a really smooth process, we didn’t have to do anything.”

Emma & Jared
Hallmark Home Owners

Two very proud home owners

“Our experience with Hallmark Homes was nothing but exceptional. It was a pleasure working with one and all. You were all very helpful and made our job extremely easy. We love the house, and the presentation and quality is noticed by everyone who comes to our home. Thankyou!”

Rod & Helen Stevens
Hallmark Home Owners

Happy with the home and quality of work

“This is the first home I’ve ever built and I built with Hallmark. After looking at a number of other builders, I realised that I was never being taken for a ride with Hallmark and never felt like it was a sales pitch. As soon as I walked in to the display centre I felt welcomed, and I never felt like I was actually dealing with a salesman. It was about the home, the quality and the fixed price contract, and that’s all I needed to know.”

Hallmark Home Owner

Fantastic consultants

“We had a small block and we visited Hallmark Homes. Our consultant was fantastic and showed us the double storey homes, and we found that this accommodated us perfectly.”

Ray & Nikki
Hallmark Home Owners

Impeccable service

“Building with Hallmark was like night and day, compared to our first building experience. We knew straight away Hallmark were different when we walked into their display home and there were no furnishings. The distraction of all the fancy furnishings in the other homes took away from the quality of the finish of the home. With Hallmark, what you see is what you get. We were blown away when we first walked into our finished home after handover. It was impeccable. What we saw in a Hallmark display home is exactly what we got in our own home. There were no surprises. You know you’re on a good thing when the tradies recommend to build with Hallmark.”

Mark & Stacey
Hallmark Home Owners

Fresh and easy approach

“Hallmark’s approach was really fresh. Being first home buyers, we didn’t know what to expect when building, and it’s hard to judge off the plan when you’re not an architect yourself. Walking through other builders’ display homes, you get really excited and think “Oh, this is the house we’re looking at”, and then you take a closer look at the brochure and realise that what’s been quoted isn’t what’s on display. But when you walk through a Hallmark display home, you can actually rest assured what you see is what you get.”

Catherine & Reuben
Hallmark Home Owners

Hallmark go above and beyond

“We’ve built four homes with Hallmark Homes and they have always gone above and beyond, and treated us with a genuine level of care. We love the process with Hallmark Homes, they’re so easy and good to build with. Hallmark Homes have a vast range of designs and we chose one that would suit our growing family. It’s just an easy process, stress free and it comes in cheaper every time, so that’s why we’ve continued and we will continue to build with Hallmark.”

Ramy & Kylie
Hallmark Home Owners