How to choose the right kitchen appliances

1 November 2018

Choosing the best appliances for your new kitchen can be overwhelming. So it’s important to plan and do some research before you make any decisions, to ensure you create a stylish, functional kitchen that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Where do you start?

Assessing your needs in the key areas of your kitchen is a great place to start. The layout of your kitchen will affect the type and size of the appliances you choose. Think about how you intend to use your new kitchen, the flow and traffic patterns. Of course, your budget will also influence the appliances you select, so it needs to be realistic for the size and scope of your kitchen.

You also need to consider your family’s lifestyle, and design your new kitchen around the way you want to live. If you like to entertain, consider adding appliances like a warming drawer or a larger oven. Creating a wish list will make it easier to match your needs with appliance features. And remember to check out the energy rating of the appliances you’re considering, to increase home energy efficiency and savings, while reducing the impact on the environment.

What’s your style?

Once you’ve established your budget and functional requirements, you can narrow your choices further by selecting the style and finishes that complement the look of your kitchen. Stainless steel is still the most popular finish. In addition to being long-lasting and durable, stainless steel’s sleek surface is very easy to clean. When choosing your appliances, you should also consider how their handles, knobs, touchscreens and other visual features add to the overall look you want.

Freestanding cooker or cooktop?

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make about your kitchen appliances is whether you prefer a separate cooktop and oven(s) combination or a freestanding cooker, which integrates the cooktop surface and oven in one appliance. There are advantages and benefits to both, depending on how you use your kitchen.

For example, if you tend to cook dishes that start on the burner, but are finished in the oven, you might prefer the proximity that a freestanding cooker offers. But if you have multiple cooks sharing one space, the separate zones offered by a cooktop and a wall oven might work better. Ultimately, your choice may be dictated by the layout or space constraints of your kitchen. An open kitchen with little wall space may not be able to accommodate a separate wall oven. You’ll also need to select the right capacity and width for your kitchen layout and needs. The most common widths are 60 or 90 centimetres.

Finally, you’ll need to choose gas or electric. For cooktops, the choices are gas, electric or induction, with similar choices in sizes and configurations of burners in cookers. Both electric and induction cooktops provide a contemporary, seamless look, and are easier to clean than gas cooktops. Induction is the most energy-efficient choice, quickly transferring electromagnetic energy directly to pans, which brings them to temperature much faster than any other method. However, induction cooktops require special cookware, so you will need to purchase this as well.


You’ll also need to choose a rangehood, not only to remove steam, heat and odours from your kitchen, but also to keep your cabinets and appliances clean and grease-free. There are essentially three types to choose from:

  • Fixed rangehood – doesn’t extend or retract, but has a large filter that does the job well
  • Retractable rangehoodextends over the cooking space when required. Generally not as powerful, but virtually disappears into the cabinetry when not in use
  • Canopy rangehood – a popular choice that offers more suction power than most other types, and adds an attractive design feature to your new kitchen


When selecting a dishwasher, choose a finish that coordinates with the rest of your new appliances. Next, compare cleaning features. Look for a dishwasher with a variety of cycles and options to suit your needs. For example, if your family runs frequent wash cycles, shop for models that offer varying capacity or soil-level options. If you entertain a lot, look for a model with stemware holders or cycles for fine china. One of the most important features to consider is how loud the dishwasher is. Look for quiet performers. Also consider the dishwasher’s energy consumption and water usage.

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