5 things people overlook when building a home

12 July 2019

There’s so much to think about when you build a new home, it’s easy to overlook a few details along the way. Like most things in life, planning is the key. So take a moment to stop and think about the way you live, as well as your family’s needs in the future. To help make it easier, we’ve highlighted five of the most common things people overlook when they’re about to build.

1. Room placement

Spend some time thinking about the way you will use your new home and how it will flow. For example, it’s a good idea to position the kitchen near your garage, so you don’t have to carry bags of groceries too far.

As a general rule, rooms with heavy foot traffic should be more easily accessible, while areas of rest and study (like bedrooms and the home office) should be positioned in a more private location, where possible.

2. Kitchen practicalities

There are so many things to consider in the kitchen, that it’s almost impossible not to overlook something. Think about the layout of the kitchen and how your family will use it. Make sure the fridge is still easily accessible by others while you’re prepping and cooking, especially if you have kids who are constantly looking for something to eat!

Have you thought about installing soft close drawers and cupboards? The sound of slamming doors and drawers can irritate even the calmest person. With open plan living now more popular than ever, most people are keen to reduce the noise in their homes wherever they can. By installing soft close drawers and cupboards, you’ll never have to worry about the banging or rattling of crockery and cutlery again.

Another thing people often overlook is pantry lighting. A motion sensor for your pantry lights makes life much easier, as you’ve often got your hands full.

3. Smart storage solutions

Extra storage is a feature that’s usually under-rated – until you move in to your new home and realise how much you actually need it! So plan ahead and always opt for more storage space than you think you’ll need – it will all get used eventually!

During the design phase, carefully plan out each area and determine where you want your storage spaces. And don’t forget to consider garage storage space too. It’s great for tools, bikes and other large items that really don’t belong inside the house.

4. Feature lighting

Apart from being an important safety feature, lighting also plays a huge role in creating the right look and feel for your new home. One of the best things about building is that you can design your own lighting scheme. This is the perfect opportunity to let your creativity shine, adding interest with different lighting features, depending on the style you’re going for. There are so many beautiful and affordable pendant lights on the market now, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Dimmer switches are also a fantastic addition, and consider adding lighting to spots you may not normally illuminate – like under the kitchen cabinets, which can be very handy and also looks fabulous.

5. Convenient access to power

A light switch on the wrong side of the room? A bedroom with only one powerpoint? These are annoying mistakes that can easily be avoided with a little planning. A detailed electrical and lighting plan can help you get it right first time, rather than having to fork out for adjustments once the build is complete.

There’s nothing more frustrating than not having enough power outlets in the right places, so it’s important to plan carefully – especially these days, when most of us rely heavily on electronic devices. It’s much cheaper to install multiple power and TV points during the building process, rather than having to do it later. Better to have a few extra, than not enough.

Make sure you allow for ample powerpoints in your pantry for appliances like the kettle, toaster and coffee machine that may end up living there. Consider adding a USB outlet in your kitchen or pantry for charging laptops, tablets and phones. And don’t forget to add power outlets to the garage, outside entertaining area and other key locations where you may need power.

At Hallmark Homes, we’ve got you covered!

Choosing an experienced builder can go a long way to making sure you don’t forget a thing. As a family-owned project builder with over 35 years experience building quality homes, Hallmark have a proven build process that really works. If you’re thinking of building a new home in South-East Queensland, our friendly team is ready to help. Come and check out one of our display centres for yourself. If you have any questions about our home designs or house and land packages, please contact us today.

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