5 Hot Kitchen Trends To Add To Your Wishlist

22 March 2017

The kitchen is without doubt the heart of the home. It’s the place where families spend most of their time together. Once considered the engine room of the house hidden behind closed doors, the kitchen is now treated as a vibrant social hub – the centrepiece of the home. From cooking and entertaining, to doing homework and socialising, the kitchen is where it all happens. So it’s only natural that most people strive to make their kitchen as inviting and functional as possible.

A successful kitchen design should have a thoughtful, practical layout, featuring durable finishes and reliable appliances. There are so many choices to make when designing a new kitchen, it can be useful to look at the latest trends for inspiration and guidance, to help you create your dream kitchen.

From colours and splashbacks to bench tops and appliances, here we take a look at some of the top kitchen trends for 2017 and beyond.

1. Go streamlined

Smooth, sleek kitchens are still a popular trend. Clutter-free bench tops create the illusion of a larger kitchen, as well as provide ample space for food preparation and entertaining. However, to achieve this look, you need to include more storage. Rather than just creating more drawers and cupboards, many people are opting for a butler’s pantry. A natural extension of the kitchen, the butler’s pantry provides extra space for storage, an area to prepare food, a place to hide mess, and sometimes even another dishwasher and sink! It can be a stand-out feature in any home.

2. Step it up with stone bench tops

This trend looks set to continue, as the quality and value of materials becomes more important than ever before. In years gone past, stone was seen as a luxury kitchen surface, often out of the price range of the average family, but the development of composite surfaces means that natural stone is now a popular and more affordable option for both kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Upgrading from laminate to natural stone can really boost the quality of your kitchen at a reasonable cost.

3. Add elegance with the tuxedo look

The ‘tuxedo’ look is a super hot trend right now. The tuxedo kitchen has two-tone cabinets, meaning the floor cabinets are one colour and the overhead cabinets are another. Although the name makes it sound like the cabinets are black and white, tuxedo cabinets can be any combination of light and dark. In most kitchens, the darker colour is on the lower cabinets, while the overhead cabinets are a lighter colour – as this usually creates a more spacious feel. However, this is purely a personal choice. This look adds an air of luxury and refinement to your kitchen, without adding to the price tag.

4. Make a statement with a tiled splashback

After many years in the design wilderness, tiling is re-emerging as a popular trend in kitchens, with textured and three-dimensional tiles making a big splash – especially on splashbacks! There will be a slight drop in the popularity of subway tiles, with more people opting for round mosaics or hand-made porcelain tiles. If you really want to make a statement, colourful, patterned wall tiles will be featuring in more and more kitchens this year.

5. Range cookers rule!

The range cooker is back! Not only does it give your kitchen a ‘restaurant-style’ edge, it can add a whole new dynamic to the family home, encouraging cooking as a family, and making meal times a true culinary experience. The range cooker often becomes the focal point of the kitchen, setting the tone and style for the entire space. Range cookers have a presence unlike other appliances, and can add a real wow factor to your kitchen!

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