10 Tips to Help You Choose the Right New Home Builder

28 July 2016

Choosing the right new home builder is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Fortunately, there are some proven ways to ace the selection process to make sure you find a quality builder who’s a good fit for you.

1. Work out what you need

What size, type and price range are you looking for in your new home? Most residential builders specialise in a specific type of home, price range or style. The building materials, tradespeople and even the building process itself can differ greatly by type and price of home. So look for the right fit for you.

2. Look for an experienced builder

Experience does matter. Look for a new home builder with strong experience in the type of home you want. Doing some research upfront will definitely pay off.

3. Are past customers happy?

Ask for references from past customers. Most builders offer references and referrals. Here are a couple of questions you may like to ask: Would you build again with this builder? Would you recommend them to friends and family? And don’t forget to ask for the reasons why they would or wouldn’t recommend them.

4. Make sure the builder is licensed and insured

Only choose a licensed builder. Also ask about the relevant insurances required. Make sure you have appropriate insurance cover during the building process, for total peace of mind.

5. Are they your style of builder?

While many builders have expertise in a variety of home designs, it makes sense to look for a builder whose work includes at least some examples of the style of home you want. Don’t go for a home builder who specialises in traditional homes if you’re after a contemporary look.

6. Do they offer warranties and after-sales service?

One of the main advantages of building is that the home itself and most of the materials, components and products used are brand new and under warranty – giving you peace of mind if anything goes wrong. It’s also a good idea to look for a structural warranty of at least ten years (for example, Hallmark Homes offer a Builders Statuary Warranty). And make sure you choose a builder who provides prompt service for repairs and maintenance issues under warranty.

7. Research the resale value

Good reputations follow good builders, so look for builders whose homes tend to hold or maintain their value. When you see a builder’s homes maintain or increase in value, that’s a good sign.

8. Are they involved in the industry?

Industry memberships show that a builder is committed for the long-term. It’s also a sign of commitment to community developers, product suppliers and tradespeople.

9. Visit display homes

Once you’ve narrowed down a shortlist of preferred builders, you should visit their display homes. During your display home visit, pay careful attention to the look, feel and quality of their homes, but try not to be distracted by the furnishings, styling and other extras that aren’t included in the home build price. Visiting display homes is an easy way to get the ball rolling on your exciting home building journey!

10. Look for quality

Look for signs of quality construction and attention to detail when you visit the display homes. Also consider the building products they use. Are they quality brands with good reputations? Did the sales consultant show genuine interest in you and your needs? Did they listen carefully? Did they provide satisfactory answers to your questions? This is often just as important as the build itself – communication is key.

By following the ten tips above, you’ll be well on your way to choosing the right new home builder for you. The team at Hallmark Homes is ready to help you with any other queries you may have regarding your new home. If you have any questions about our single storey home designs, double storey home designs or our house and land packages across South East Queensland, please contact us today.

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